“Michelle has been working with me on a weekly call for the past year.  It has made a huge difference in my life and in my business!  I have been more productive, clear on my goals, organized and inspired!!!  I earned the cruise from Mary Kay in two months, when we had six months to do it!  In turn that inspired five other girls in my area to earn it also!!!

I earned and took a 2020 Chevy equinox from Mary Kay!  I also had an offspring sales director and qualified for the company court of sales in March when I had until June 30th!!  She can work with you one on one, speak in a small group or large group, to coach, train and inspire you to get clear on your goals and have a plan of action!!  Accountability is one of the key things you when you work with Michelle and she has made a huge difference to my business and team!”

-Jennifer Perona, Independent Sales Director – Celebrating 30th Anniversary with Mary Kay!

Tammy Scott, Realtor at RE/MAX Results

“I really enjoyed working with Michelle, I asked her to help me implement a cohesive and strategic marketing plan for my small business. Through our coaching sessions, I gained so much more than just a marketing plan though. Her “way” or “methods” with HP coaching was spot on and her expertise and insight were so valuable. Her accountability was welcomed and really easy to adapt as she is so passionate about helping her clients. I looked forward to each of our sessions as I was learning the importance of setting up effective systems, using applications and productivity tools that make a start-up seem so easy. I really learned to value her insight and coaching methods as working with her brought clarity and mindset shifts that just made sense to the things I struggled with. Working with an over-achiever and perfectionistic A-type personality can’t be easy, but the High Performance Coaching program addresses these traits upfront and Michelle coached me to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I learned to leverage my time, when to delegate or outsource, how to create routines and document follow-through. These fundamental building blocks are now at the core of my business.

At the end of our coaching sessions, I was able to feel confident in my business structure, my daily, weekly and monthly action plans are always readily available for reference and to document growth. My marketing plan is easily accessible in print and electronically and serves as a reference point in case I need clarity or direction. I feel grounded and confident in my decisions and thanks to our coaching sessions I know I am positioned for success and unlimited growth, and for that, I am eternally grateful! Michelle was kind enough to invite me to HPA in San Diego in 2017 during our coaching sessions. I was so excited to see and hear Brendan Burchard speak, it was a wonderful experience full of valuable insight and the opportunity to network with thousands of like-minded individuals. I keep thanking Michelle for exposing me to such a wealth of valuable information and a network of wonderful people. It was so amazing and fun! So wonderful in fact, that I will be going to see Brendan again this March in Phoenix. Come find me if you are there!”

-Tammy Scott, Realtor at RE/MAX RESULTS-

“Michelle has without a doubt changed my life. With her coaching style, challenges and expertise in the industry I have been able to accomplish more, create more and enjoy life more fully. I would encourage anyone seeking to improve their work or personal life to utilize her coaching experience. She WILL bring out the high performer in you! With gratitude”

Wendy Bird, Social Impactor-Pearls With Purpose Foundation

Lisa R. Orr, Rorr Marketing, LLC
“Michelle is a remarkable coach who helped me find and map out my plan with clarity and focus. We started our work at a critical time in my career. She knew how to balance the creative process and professional skills with the energy and focus required to achieve results for her clients. I have taken significant steps toward more fulfilling work and am starting my own business with this fresh infusion of courage and counsel.

The 48 Days to the Work You Love program will help you identify and validate your skills through unique personality assessments and other tools. I was able to define and establish my brand, moved from concept to naming my business and formed my LLC. It was as if she helped me pack my parachute and take a leap into my future. Her guidance was a key component to my current life and is helping me paint the picture of my dreams. My time with her was very fruitful and yielded great results. She will help you move from exploration to definition to fruition. If you are ready to move to the next level of your career or start a new venture, Michelle has the skills and tools you need to ensure your success.”

-Lisa R. Orr, Rorr Marketing, LLC-

“I have never worked with a coach before, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Working with Michelle has helped me define specific goals for my personal and work life. Michelle also helped me craft an immediate, step-by-step action plan to achieve and maintain my goals. Michelle has given me all the tools I need to be able to bring this same skill set to any future challenges I encounter. In the Certified High Performance Coaching program, I found the courage and confidence I needed to overcome the obstacles that have always kept me from going “all in.” Through this process, I was able to gain some direction and take action steps to move forward with new energy and purpose. Since working with Michelle in Fall 2017, I have benefited from learning so many new techniques and tips. I feel like I can approach any challenge with a new focus. I can see what a difference this makes in both my personal and work life. Thank you, Michelle!”

Claire Dwyer, Office Manager at Wandres Law

“Michelle brings such a high level of compassion and understanding as a coach. She is a fantastic cheerleader and has helped me build the courage I needed to put myself out there. I have gained a strong sense of purpose for my life and business, a much healthier mindset, and mastered a few new skills to keep myself focused on my goals and hold myself accountable. I have learned and grown so much through my work with Michelle over the past two months – not only through the new techniques and tips she provides – but more importantly, I have improved my confidence in myself and gained a higher quality of life. Michelle’s coaching has made a huge difference for me. Really”

Brooke Lawson, Brand Strategist, Filament Branding